Deck Washing

Deck washing

We thoroughly wash your deck using a high powered pressure washer on every last board, leaving no piece of dirt or grime behind. This will allow us to lessen the risk of staining over rough spots, ultimately improving the look of blemishes in the wood over time. Inevitably, there will be damaged areas. We mark these areas for our woodworking experts to buff out in step two.

Deck Sanding

Combined sanding

Sand the entire deck, including handrails and stairs. This will allow for a smoother application of stain when the time is right. Once the surface of the wood has been sanded, repair any damages in the existing structure. Sand all rough areas before staining. The reason we sand the deck is to remove areas of peeling and wear. If you simply power-wash a deck that is peeling, it will continue to peel, even weeks after applying new stain. We use an oil penetrating stain that lasts for several seasons without wear. By sanding an old deck with rough surfaces or peeling paint, we can apply a stain to smooth wood, making it appear like new again.

Deck Staining

Add value, functionality and visual appeal back into your yard by applying a professional deck staining to your existing structure. Deck staining instantly revitalizes your deck, making it appear years younger. The goal is to maintain this look for several years until it is time to stain your deck again.

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